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Benefits of Partnering with the Community Foundation

Benefits of Partnering with the Community Foundation.

We recognize and respect your trusted leadership role with clients and are excited to support your success with your client’s philanthropic needs. Our goal is to provide you and your clients the information, connections, and solutions that strengthen your client service relationships.

Through our collaboration together, we can identify the giving vehicles and solutions to best integrate your client’s philanthropic goals into their comprehensive wealth management and estate plans. The Community Foundation offers a personal, local and flexible approach to giving. We work with you to connect your donors with causes most meaningful to them in a tax-advantaged - time saving - low cost manner as possible.

Collaborating with the Community Foundation has numerous advantages, including:


The Foundation can make recommendations specific to your client’s areas of interests and passions.
Professional advisors are often faced with a delicate dilemma: you want to discuss the many benefits of charitable giving with your clients, but you want to avoid recommending specific charitable causes or organizations. Fortunately, the community foundation is a simple solution.

The foundation's board and staff are skilled local professionals and community leaders that have deep community connections and an in-depth understanding of our communities’ nonprofit organizations, charitable projects and critical community needs.

We provide clients the ability to give anonymously.
Donor’s names, fund names and grants to charities can be kept private. They may enjoy supporting their favorite charities and avoid unwanted solicitations.

Clients can use the Community Foundation to support multiple charities or community causes of their choice—locally or nationally—and receive maximum tax benefits.
The Community Foundation’s PassionFunds frequently represent ideal solutions for clients’ philanthropic needs. PassionFunds maximize donor’s flexibility while minimizing their taxes, administrative issues and costs, thus giving them more money and personal time to devote to their favorite charities and causes.

Help your clients leave a more powerful philanthropic legacy than they ever dreamed.
Increase your planning options by converting non-traditional complex gifts , such as real estate, life insurance policies, closely held business interest, and art-collectables, into charitable funds.

Help multiply your client’s impact and enjoyment of giving.
Provide an enhanced enjoyment of giving by discovering opportunities to partner and network with charities of choice and other like-minded donors.


How donors can be sure their charitable gifts will make a difference.
We will supply your clients support with nonprofit research and the design, measurement and monitoring of the impact of their charitable giving.


Simplify your client’s record keeping.
Organizing multiple charitable grants from a single gift to a flexible PassionFund only requires a single receipt from the Foundation. Quarterly statements and online DonorCentral access provides a complete history of all gifts to the fund and grants to charities from their PassionFund.


Stay connected to your client’s philanthropic activities
Receive online access to the client's gifts and grant making activities. Financial advisors may continue to manage the client’s charitable investment portfolio (minimum $500,000).