Active Passion Funds

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” - African Proverb


We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about contributing to any of the below PassionFunds or establishing your own personal charitable fund.


Andrea and Larry Frank Donor Advised Fund

Donor Advised Fund – Andrea and Larry Frank established their charitable fund to help more easily manage their giving plans, as well as, collaboration with the Foundation to learn more about opportunities to give to effective nonprofits in the areas they care most about.

Andrea and Larry Frank Endowment Fund

Field of Interest Fund – Andrea and Larry frank established their charitable fund to help support prevention programs that address the basic needs of food, shelter, health care, education, as well as, keeping family units together.

Anonymous Fund

Donor Advised Fund - Established by a family with an interest in supporting education, churches, and other charitable interests in a tax-wise manner that further increases their impact.  Additionally, a great way to engage their children in learning to become charitable and knowledgeable about giving opportunities.  

Barberville Pioneer Settlement Endowment Fund

Donor Designated Fund – An anonymous donor created this endowed charitable fund to support the Barberville Pioneer Settlement, a nonprofit historical village museum, providing education of the pioneer lifestyle of our forefathers, through hands on experience, folk life demonstrations, preservation and historical exhibits.

Booher Family Foundation

Donor Advised Fund - Theodore and Dianne Booher established their charitable fund to support the nutritional deficiencies and needs of children, as well as, other charitable interests.

Christine’s Blankets

Donor Designated Fund - Established by an anonymous donor, this fund helps provide critical funding to Christine’s Blankets. A nonprofit organization that collects and distributes blankets in Volusia & Flagler Counties through several partnerships. Christine’s Blankets was founded with the purpose of providing a sense of comfort to homeless individuals along with a reminder they are loved, even if from a distance.

Doudna, Nedved, Dubose Charitable Fund

Donor Advised Fund - Established by Dr. Donald and Janice Doudna to provide the opportunity for their children to join them in their quest that many share, for all children to succeed. Through their charitable fund, the Doudna’s support programs that promote childhood literacy and address the needs of at-risk children in our community.

Ference Family Endowment Fund for the Ormond Memorial Art Museum, Inc.

Donor Designated Fund – This endowed fund established by a local family supports the Ormond Memorial Art Museum. Established after World War II, the nonprofit organization’s mission to inspiring our community through art and nature while honoring those who fought for freedom.

Ference Family Endowment Fund for the Washington Oaks Gardens State Park

Donor Designated Fund – Providing endowed funding for the support of Washington Oaks Gardens State Park in Flagler County. Featuring formal gardens, a coquina shoreline, hiking and picnic locations, the park offers something for everyone.

Futures, Inc. Endowment Fund - Arlan J. and Dale Horwitz Clayton Scholarship

Agency Fund - Established by Arlan J. and Dale Horwitz Clayton to create an endowment to sponsor education for students in West Volusia County forever by supplementing their Take Stock in Children (TSIC) scholarships with grants for college expenses such as books, housing and meal plans.

Gilbert Koch Charitable Fund for The ARC Volusia

Donor Designated Fund – Gilbert Koch established his charitable fund to support The Arc Volusia’s work to provide life changing support to persons with disabilities.

Gilbert Koch Charitable Fund for the Beacon Center

Donor Designated Fund - Gilbert Koch established his charitable fund to support The Beacon Center’s work to provide services to survivors of domestic violence and help ensure the safety and justice for all survivors and their children.

God’s Bathhouse of Volusia Charitable Fund

Donor Designated Fund - Established by an anonymous donor in hope of inspiring others to join in contributing to the fund to help provide critical operational funding to God’s Bathhouse of Volusia County. A nonprofit organization that provides homeless individuals with a safe, secure environment to maintain good hygiene, remain healthy, and receive clothing so they may have a greater sense of dignity and confidence to change their situation.

H.E.L.P. Fund of Southeast Volusia

Field of Interest Fund - Through the generosity of anonymous donors, the HELP Fund supports initiatives in Southeast Volusia County that address the needs of at-risk children by helping to break the poverty cycle for homeless and economically disadvantaged students enrolled in the public school system.

Kelton Family Fund

Donor Advised Fund - Richard and Paula Kelton established this fund to help address the challenges of hunger in our community. 

L’dor V’dor Endowment Fund Temple Beth-El

The temple is committed to preserving Jewish traditions while embracing inclusivity and social responsibility. They actively engage in charitable initiatives, most recently partnering with the Community Foundation to support the local community.

Project SELF

Transitioning out of the foster care system can be a challenging time for these young individuals, as they often face various obstacles and limited resources. The goal of Project SELF is to assist them in overcoming these challenges and providing them with the necessary resources for employment and basic needs as they embark on their journey towards independence. 

Ormond Beach Historical Society Endowment Fund

Agency Endowment – The Ormond Beach Historical Society Endowment Funds provides funding for the sustainability of the organization’s work to preserve and share the rich history of Ormond Beach. The organization was formed in 1976 and has gone on to save and promote some of the most significant historical sites in Ormond Beach including The Casements, Anderson-Price Memorial Building, Nathan Cobb Cottage, Indian Burial Mound, Three Chimneys Sugar Mill Ruins, and many more.

Someone Cares – An Endowment in Honor of Gloria & Ray Max

Field of Interest – This endowed fund has been founded by local philanthropists Larry and Andrea Frank. They have long admired the work of Gloria and Ray Max and sponsored their service of helping families in need of monetary assistance for emergency needs that put at risk the family’s housing, food security, medical, transportation and other critical needs. This endowment fund will help ensure that this crucial service for local families can continue forever.

The Nonprofit Catalyst Fund

The Nonprofit Catalyst Fund incentivizes agencies to invest in their future sustainability by partnering with the Community Foundation to establish an endowed fund for their organization. It not only helps nonprofits access a stable funding source but also provides donors with a meaningful way to contribute to the causes they care about, knowing their support will have a lasting impact. The Fund will benefit a diverse range of nonprofits that decide to invest in their long-term financial sustainability.