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What is EDGE?

EDGE (Every Dollar Gets Empowered) is a strategic philanthropic blueprint for improving the well-being and prosperity of our community for families, businesses and fellow citizens for generations to come.

EDGE is a donor designated fund the mission of which is to increase the percentage of each donor’s dollar pledged during the United Way annual campaign.  The ultimate goal is 100% of each donor’s dollar goes directly to well-managed partner agencies.

The objective is to raise sufficient capital, invest it prudently, and designate that the income and appreciation be delivered directly to the United Way in perpetuity (forever) for payment of support services such as: fund raising, management, and administrative expenses.

Excludes the expenses for the Community Foundation since the foundation pays its own expenses through the management and unrestricted earnings of the foundation. Excludes program services, i.e. First Call for Help, Volunteer Center, since the expenses are “agency like”.

Why is it needed…?

Across the nation, well-managed agencies and community leaders are faced with escalating deficits and are mandated by law to balance their budgets annually. Community leaders are aggressively looking for ways to offset the impact of declining revenues.  Simultaneously, they are being forced to make deep cuts in services and programs at time when they are most needed, knowing it will impact their client populations in profound ways.

Metrics of success…

Increase the percentage of the annual campaign dollars available directly to partner agencies. Ultimately all administrative and management expenses of the United Way will be paid by the fund so: Every Dollar Get Empowered.

Significantly increase future annual campaign successes due to the elimination of donor concern about expenses.

Make a long-term and sustaining difference in our communities.

In a recent study for the Philanthropic Collaborative, noted economist Robert Shapiro produced a ground-breaking analysis that estimates charities create a nine-to-one ‘roll-over’ effect from investments, rivaling (and in many cases surpassing) that of many private corporations.  According to this report, charitable investments increases employment and area household incomes, offering a significant key to future economic recovery.

How You Can Help

The charter members of the EDGE Founder’s Society are Ed Lacey and Preston Root, two key Community Foundation leaders and philanthropists.

To join the EDGE Founder’s Society:

Call the Community Foundation office at 386-366-9059.

Fund your contribution with a gift of $250,000 or more in cash, securities, or other property.

Leave the paperwork to us;  joining is as simple as it is effective.

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